Contributions Wanted

Our company has been working on the TV/movie right agency issues in China for half an year, and successfully sold the TV/movie rights of several Chinese online literary works to Chinese companies. We have a client database of more than 200 Chinese production companies, including some industrial giants in China. Since some of our clients would like to purchase the TV/movie rights of foreign works. We plan to start the agency services for Chinese TV/film productions companies and foreign authors & copyright holders recently. If you have any literary work’s TV/movie rights to license a Chinese production company(distributed globally or only in mainland China), please send us the following information to our official email address:

1.Author brief introduction
2.Book gengre; The publishing information (self-published or published by a publishing house), Sales rank, Awards, if any.
3.Role settings.
4. The story sketch (3000-10000words).
5. Preferred price of licensing the following rights: 1) TV series right globally or in Mainland China; 2) Movie right globally or in Mainland China; 3) Online TV series right globally or in Mainland China (which means the series would only be distributed online, excluding any cable TV channels or satellite channels.) 4) The whole TV/movie rights globally or in Mainland China.
6.Book’s Sample reading chapters and the online address.

We will feed back to those we can sign the agency contract within one month. This right collecting information will be effective until we send out any official notice that our company would stop the foreign agency business.

Beijing Qingse Media Co., Ltd.