Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Made a Name for Themselves through Internet Voting — Goddesses of the Male Computer Nerds


Author:Verbena C. W,Elaine Yang Translator:Gaines Post Do you believe that female artists can make a name for themselves rapidly even without the backing of corporate packaging? Such a special group exists, and Chinese internet users have nicknamed them “Goddesses of the Male Computer Nerds.” The phrase “goddesses of the male computer nerds” originated in Taiwan; … Read More

Cruel Struggle and Oppressive Romance — A Gorgeous Competition of Chinese and Foreign Machiavellian Drama


Author:Verbena C. W,Elaine Yang Translator:Gaines Post Adapted from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel, “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones,” season two of the television series by the same name landed in Mainland China in April 2012. Broadcast exclusively by Sohu, it continues with another wave of ratings following last year’s broadcast of … Read More

The Allure of Traditional Chinese Clothing


Author:Verbena C. W Translator:Gabriel Ascher Ever considered going to the mall wearing a billowing tunic dress and hosiery straight out of the European Middle Ages? How about strapping on a suit of armor, grabbing a sharp sword and heading for the office? Right now in China there are groups of people doing this very thing—going … Read More

Movies By Bestselling Authors, The Astonishing Advent Of "The Age Of Fans"


"Is an author who hasn't directed a film a good author?"   In the last two years, this provocative question has become a red hot topic in China's literary world. And it is not just the literary world. Recently, the Chinese media has also joined the discussion. The immediate cause was the film "The Continent," ... Read More

Amazon China's August 2014 Fiction Bestsellers


In September 2014, Amazon China issued its bestseller lists for August 2014. A little less than half of the Fiction Top 10 was held by Chinese authors, leaving six slots for overseas authors. Regardless where they were written, most of the books on this month's lists list are classics, with only a meager showing from ... Read More

Star Authors And Their Magazines


Editor: Verbena,Gabriel Ascher   Their books are great, but what about their magazines? The lowdown on China's new wave of star author-edited magazines In hopes of increased fame and influence – as well as to attract other like – minded writers to their cause – many of China's best-selling authors have recently taken to founding their own periodicals and installing themselves as ... Read More

China VS The United States Time Traveling Across Cultures


 Editor: Verbena, Michael Armstrong   As American audiences show universal apathy to the new TV series "Terra Nova," Chinese audiences are enjoying their own time travel craze. "I know everyone's fate but my own. What is my destiny?" This is the main dilemma of the heroine in "Surprising Steps," a recent Chinese hit TV series. ... Read More

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